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Small Business Consultations

I show you how to find and connect with journalists so you get the press your business deserves.

I Teach Small Businesses How To Get
Press Coverage!

As an independent journalist, I've had hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and direct messages sent from small business owners and PR representatives who want me to feature their businesses or clients. I’ve also had far too many PR packages delivered to my apartment with everything from workout equipment to cannabis chocolates. As someone who writes and reads pitches and knows many editors and staff writers, I will teach you actionable skills so that your business and marketing materials attract the free press you desire.

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60 Minute Consultation Call

This is a one-hour-long, single consultation where we address specific pain points of your business in one meeting. This could be anything from me working through email marketing structure to journalists, consulting on your social platforms and what your content says about your business, or answering other questions in a singular session with me. Here, you get an actionable and tactical partner to work through your business's specific problem.

3-Month Strategy Walkthrough

This is a three-month program where I teach you and your team the process for how to build multiple outreach strategies as a small business owner and we test out different applications over the course of our time together. Oftentimes, strategies need to be adjusted and refined, and I’ll walk you through how to do that and offer suggestions along the way. We will also track the effectiveness of each strategy and work towards a simple and replicable blueprint that you can trust. If learning how to, basically, manage your own PR sounds stressful and you’d like someone to walk through this process hand-in-hand with you, this would be the package for you. Here, we focus on ideation, implementation, and optimization at a more relaxed pace (plus you leave with at least ten perfectly tailored pitches for press).

5-Day Fractional PR Intensive

This is a one-week intensive focused on how to get started doing your own PR. Each day will be tailored around teaching you the building blocks of how to build your outreach routine, find journalists, craft emails, and more. By the end of the five-day series, you and your team will have a plan of action for how to implement an effective strategy for your small business. Here, you leave with a pitch guidebook of at least five irresistible pitches for press, and so much more.

A Completely Customized Plan

This is a fully customizable package for small businesses who would like to work with me on a retainer basis. This tier automatically includes a one-week intensive or a three-month program, depending on the needs of your business, along with other customizable additives. Whether that’s consistent check-ins throughout the year, occasional mini-seminars to discuss what’s new in the world of journalism, or last-minute calls for questions; we can design this package to be exactly what you want it to be. Here you create a personalized customized, long-term strategy for how to expand your press opportunities and build authentic relationships with targeted journalists.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today!

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