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Shayna Condé

Writer. Actor. Model. Consultant.

Who Is She?


Shayna Condé started her creative career at the ripe age of four. She mother realized that she loved to make up stories for her kindergarten class so together they stapled together her first chapter book and BAM! It was a limited edition best seller.


Shayna quickly recognized that her passion for writing could be married with the performing arts through spoken word. By the time she graduated from high school, she claimed 3rd place in the Spoken Word category for the National Fine Arts Festival. Her creative journey brought her to the American Repertory Theater‘s Advanced Acting Master’s Program, previous affiliated with Harvard University, where she studied and performed in Moscow, Krakow, and Cambridge. After graduating, she moved to NYC to launch her professional acting career.


Since that move, she has been in commercials for Carol’s Daughter, CeraVe, Jayjun, Etsy, Marie Claire Magazine and a rouge Pantene commercial in Japan. She has also booked shows for La Mama, The Barrow Group, Soho Shakes and others.


After the pandemic started, Shayna took this time to also invest in her professional writing and diversity consulting career. You can find her work in Allure, Food52, Greatist, Well+Good, Anti Racism Daily, Stylist Magazine, Amendo and more. She also launched Heart to Arts, a platform for promoting Black-owned businesses and discussing diversity issues in the arts and mental health.


Shayna is also working on a memoir and a poetry collection. 

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