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Shayna Conde

is a...

Coach &

What does Shayna do?

I am a journalist who has built my career off of highlighting marginalized people and writing about the politics behind where we travel and what we consume. My topics of interest are food, beverage, travel, accessibility, sustainability, Indigenous rights, Black joy and innovation, and the intersections of all of the above. I have written for Essence, Wine Spectator, Business Insider, TripAdvisor, Food & Wine Magazine, USA Today, BBC Food, Allure, Well+Good, and many other nationally, and internationally, recognized publications. To put it concisely, I write about all the different aspects of my human experience and how I am just part of a greater whole.




I am a writing coach who teaches people the methods I use for accessing success and confidence in my career, my travels, my relationships, and my experience of self. In instructing aspiring freelance journalists on how to start their journey and navigate the ever-changing editorial space, I help new writers find their intuition and voice in the journalism world. I can also connect them with brands whose message aligns with their editorial goals. For the starry-eyed, curious, and introspective, I help people learn how to understand their birth chart, use astrocartography, and plan their lives more intentionally.



I am a small business consultant who gives small businesses the tools to attract journalists and get the press they want.  As someone who works diligently in the editorial space and knows what writers and editors are looking for, I teach business owners how to attract journalists, craft marketing emails, and build public relationships in a way that’s authentic to their brand.

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