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Shayna Condé

But who is she?

Shayna is a food and travel journalist who loves to talk about accessibility, sustainability, and diversity within the hospitality industry. Oh! And she rants about the intersection of astrology and travel. Basically, she's a professional experiencer and vibe curator.

Discover the Vibe Curator

Shayna is a food and travel journalist with 8 years of xperience in the entertainment industry. In 2021, she launched Heart to Arts, a weekly newsletter that promotes Black woman-owned businesses, shares resources and grant opportunities for entrepreneurial people of color, and deep dives into travel trends and lessons from reality tv.

Heart to Arts laid the groundwork for her new platform, Cosmic Traveler. This bingeable astrology-meets-travel platform offers insight into how travel lovers can use astrology as a tool to customize how they explore the world. From sign-based itineraries and packing guides to destination reviews and tips on how I use astrology to plan my trips, Cosmic Traveler has become the one-stop-shop for the traveling stargazer.

Shayna is a digital creator and freelance journalist whose work can be found in Food & Wine Magazine, Departures, BBC Food, Wine Enthusiast, USA Today, VinePair, Allure, Well+Good, Greatist, Food52, Hoboken Girl, and more. She has also been featured in Condé Nast Traveler and Well+Good to talk about her experiences in the travel space as a Black woman with Neuromyelitis Optica, an autoimmune disease similar to Multiple Sclerosis. Her creative nonfiction manuscript was a semifinalist for the Cave Canem Poetry competition in 2021.


Outside of her writing, Shayna was previously the Social Media manager for Create & Cultivate and does freelance DEI consulting. Her video series, Accessibility Check-In, which shows the importance of accessibility awareness in the hospitality space, can be found on her Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Where can you find Shayna when she isn’t working? Probably drinking a margarita and reading Bell Hooks somewhere humid, or watching House Hunters International and judging people’s apartment choices.

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