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Astrology Consultations

Astrology is a great tool for understanding ourselves better, communicating with loved ones effectively, finding love and friendship, and even traveling to destinations around the world! As a believer in the balance of free will and destiny, I teach my clients how astrology can help them to better understand themselves, the choices they make, and how they interact with the world around them.

Birth Chart Consultation 🪐

Do you want to know more about your birth chart to have a better relationship with yourself? From communication styles to love languages and everything in between, let's talk about it.

Romance Consultation ❤️

Curious about what kind of partner(s) would be best for you? Wondering about the best times to start dating or the ideal places around the world for you to find romance? I got you.

Solo or Group Travel ✈️

Have you caught the travel bug but don’t know where to go? Do you have a group trip, a romantic vacation, a destination bachelorette, or another multi-person adventure abroad and want personalized recommendations from a travel journalist who studies astrology? Say less!

Career Consultation 💰

Do you want to know which career path could be best for you? How about which cities in the world would be best for your professional development? Let’s talk about it.

Wellness Consultation 🪷

Are you on a healing journey and want to know where to focus your energy? Whether that’s healing from trauma, leaving a relationship, to just reinvesting into yourself mentally and spiritually, your charts can guide you.

Customized Consultations 🤩

Do you have astrology questions that aren’t listed above? Let’s customize a consultation together so you can get all your questions answered!


My name is Shayna Condé

I’m a travel and food journalist who travels the world using astrology to boost my career, build community, date, and everything in between. I live by what I teach so I can tell you, from experience, what works and what doesn’t. 

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Andrea Sobieski

Los Angeles, CA

"Exploring the intersection of astrology and travel with Shayna was an eye-opening journey. The insights into how celestial influences align with my wanderlust added a unique dimension to my travel experiences. A reading with Shayna is like having a cosmic compass guiding you to destinations that resonate with your astrological profile. Her personalized fusion of celestial wisdom and travel recommendations is truly exceptional."

Jasmine Walker,

New Jersey (USA)

"I’ve always felt like astrology was a fun thing to discuss with friends but never took it seriously. After a couple of readings with Shayna, I saw how I could actually use astrology as a tool for my life. She really made it accessible to me."

Maria Martinez

San Juan (PR)

“Sitting down with Shayna to look at my astro map was so helpful. It’s so much easier to understand your chart when she’s by your side. Sure, I could google to find answers that feel general, but having a back-and-forth with Shayna really helped me understand my journey, past and present. It also made me look forward to my future because now I have some tools that might help me along the way. Talking with her is like having a best friend astrologer right by your side 💖"

What can I expect from a consultation?

I’ll take a look at your charts and discuss how they intersect with your responses to my brief questionnaire. Then we can deep dive into any areas of interest that you want. Time-wise, consultations are either 30 minutes or an hour.

Can I book multiple readings? Like a quarterly check-in or one before/after a big upcoming trip? 


Yes! If you’re interested in booking multiple readings, email me at so we can figure out a package for your needs.

I’m curious about astrology but I think it conflicts with my religion/faith. Do you have any resources for me? 

As someone who grew up Christian, I get this question often. So often, in fact, that I wrote an article about how astrology shows up in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. If you’d like to read it, it’s available HERE.

Can I book a consultation on behalf of someone else, like my partner or family member?

Yes! You can book a consultation as a gift for a loved one. I’m also open to doing synastry reading for romance, friendships, and other kinds of partnerships.

Curious about booking an astrology consultation with me?

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